Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Break

Well its over! My first show.

64 day benchmark in the DGA Training Program.

Thats an awesomely hefty amount of days on one show. And what a good show to be on it was :)

Now its time for a break. Time to relax, to work out, to have fun, to get and give presents and then come back and start fresh!

I'm excited about the gifts I have to give. Im excited about my time in Sarasota with my parents who I havent seen in so long. I think all in all the break will be great because Im saying that it will be.

When I return I want to focus more keenly on the program. I really need to start learning the rules and knowing all the little details. I need to do more of my observation days. If I have breaks I plan on reading, dancing, working out.

Its all going to be new and different when I come back. My new roommate (who consequently has already started moving in and is making me overly happy with her presence), Mollie moving walking distance from my house, and a new show to be on are all going to really create a different experience of Los Angeles. I can't wait.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Cultured Life

Its about damn time that I returned to the cultured life :)

This past weekend I went to the Pantages for West Side Story. It was great! I love the fact that I can ride the subway one stop, pay 25$ for rush tickets and enjoy some broadway. The show was good overall. The male lead perhaps a little weak and the ending a bit of a disappointment but other than that I had a GREAT time. Me and Josh and Ellen had dinner beforehand and ice cream afterwards and I think I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

I didn't stop there though because the next time I HAD to go see Black Swan and oh my god was it great! I love, love, loved it. Im debating on going again... It was beautiful and well acted, the story was great and Aronofsky only lost me once (lost me as in I felt he went a bit over the top, which is really saying something considering his movies). I have to say that mentally I felt a kinship to the movie given my recent dilemmas. The torn and crazy feelings are certainly familiar to me of late. Hurray Natalie Portman! You were superb.

And on that same note I suppose today I was inspired and decided to see what would be playing while I was in Sarasota. I found out that the Moscow Ballet would be in town on the 26 doing one performance of the Nutcracker. I asked my parents if they would like to go and they actually said YES! This ladies and gents is HUGE. My parents never go anywhere and for my, action movie watching father, to actually WANT to go to a ballet is pretty unusual. So yay for that!

Got this week and next week left on Mr. Sunshine which, BTW has an airdate now! Feb 9th on ABC Wednesdays right after Modern Family! Its a great time slot so hopefully the show will become popular and get picked up for a second season. I cant believe though that my time here is going to come to an end. It really was a great first experience.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Swing Dance

So ever since high school when ballroom became a fond memory for me Ive been missing dancing like no one's business, especially swing. There's just never been time or money for it. In undergrad I never felt like there was any extra cash, or I was with a boyfriend I, myself, didn't feel comfortable going off and dancing with someone else in a partner capacity. In grad school there was just no money and then in film school no time whatsoever.

I think its high time to stop thinking about it and start really, seriously, making an effort into me returning to swing dancing. I realize that while right now I may not have a lot of time (and I DO have seriously exhausted feet from work) Im going to try to make a real solid push to dance.

Swing is tough because its not as popular as salsa or ballet and you can't get to a place that just offers random time classes (especially in my case on the weekends) and since I cant very well sign up for a monthly class that happens every, say, Tuesday since I work like a madwoman I need to check the schedules for free classes and dances in the meantime and once Christmas break hits and Im back from visiting Sarasota try to get in as much as I can. I know its 15 or more a lesson but you know what, fuck it. Once I feel comfortable again to do it I can go to the Sat. Sun dances. So thats the plan right now. To make a real, wholehearted push to go to just about every class I can make during whatever time Ive got off after Christmas and before I'm onto the next show.

Lets see if how well I keep up.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving and various other things

Well I made it through that holiday. Id say sortof unscathed.

Thanksgiving went well. The plan for BIG event went off without a hitch. People came, brought LOTS of food, hung out and had a great time. 19 people in total at the end of the night.
It was great to see everyone. The next day me and K. went on a hike up in Griffith Park over by the abandoned zoo and did some geocaching. Then he was out of town once again. We had a break up talk and he left with things mostly unresolved so no real change in that department of life.

Im back on set and things are moving along fairly well. Only this week and then 2 more left on Mr. Sunshine and boy have I learned A LOT. I think over the Christmas holiday I really need to take the time to sort of reanalyze the things that are important to me. Or maybe Ive been thinking too much about that??

Trying to make a conscious effort to include more of the swing dancing in life. Ive got up on this website that tells me when all the swing nights in LA are so lets hope that I can start making it to some of those. As well as lessons...

Salmans is on her way here today! Later on this week some hanging out with her and a photo shoot which I cant wait for.

Lots of cool developments in the future:
Mollie is still on her way over in January which I think is going to blow my mind when she actually gets here. And theres also Wycoff arriving and moving in in January as well. New roomate, new friends in town, new show and what with knowing more about the job Im doing.

Oh and also coming this week is the new shirt I ordered from Threadless!

House Brawl

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Life You Kill Me...Can I turn down the difficulty level?


Seriously. Ridiculous. I don't think a more back and forth, uncertain person can exist than me.

Has anyone ever thought about something so much that they have no idea what they actually think about the subject anymore by the time they realize how long they've been thinking about it? Or feel? Maybe I should use the word FEEL here.

What does it mean when you're confused about love? Confused about how you feel about someone? Am I comfortable or am I in love? Am I both? How do you KNOW deep down in your gut know if this is the person for you. I think its fair to say that there's some choice in the matter certainly but I also think there is some lack of choice too; afterall why do we like the people we like?

I'm in a ridiculous situation. I've been with someone for 7 years...I thought he was the man for me, perhaps I still do think this. We moved in together, I was sad, panicked, totally freaked out. Perhaps it was the circumstances? Or maybe it was just him? Now we're far apart. Very far apart. Do we keep going? A part of me feel this person is a part of me. More a part of me than my parents in some ways. But what now? 3 or 2 years of more long distance? Seeing each other for 3 or 4 days every month or 2? Is that a way to spend the rest of your 20s?

Open relationship perhaps?? But then how the fuck does that work?? Give up on it completely? But then when I try to do that my heart cries out and freaks out in such a way that I start to doubt that its JUST comfort and that there really is something to this person.

I don't know. How do you find clarity on a subject like this?

Hope that it all sorts ITSELF out in the end? I'd love to do that except for the fact that the firmest belief I hold is that one creates their own existence and life experience so by doing nothing I am in fact doing something therefore, an active choice is very important. Which way do I decide and how do I determine how to even make the decision.

So again I say...Life? Can we please PLEASE turn the difficulty level down just a tad??

Monday, November 15, 2010

Shopping Extravaganza

For me anytime I spend something over 100 dollars its considered a shopping bonanza so this weekend I decided that there were some things that I just needed.

For starters I needed a vacuum cleaner so there went about 50 bucks on the cheapest Dirt Devil I could find. It seems to be working well enough so Im satisfied with it.

And then there were speakers for my computer (I bought Sony ones for
30 bucks but I dont actually like them so they're probably going to go back). I plan on checkin out the Sony store on the lot and seeing what I can get there.

There there were some shirts. I bought 4 long sleeved shirts for work cause Ive been rotating through my 5 shirts way too much to the point where you can see I only own those couple shirts. But hurray for Buffalo exchange cause 30 dollars later I love my shirts! I also LOVE shopping there. I know its a hunt and sometimes something not fitting you right is dissapointing because you just CANT get it in the right size. But when you find some
thing great boy does it feel good.

Then there are my new monkey slippers:

And last but not least Im incredibly excited about FINALLY getting myself Pandemic as well as Beyond Balderdash. Saturday will be boardgame awesomeness!!! I can not WAIT!

PS. Sims is amazing. I love the Ambitions expansion and all I want to do is play more and more! Good news is that after this week I have a 10 day Thanksgiving break and can Sim it up for awhile :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

On Fall and Changes

More than likely my favorite time of the year fall is now being experienced in Los Angeles and its bringing with it highs of enjoyment and of course some disappointments. For starters, I sorely miss the rain of course. There's nothing like Florida downpours and that fresh and moist smell in the air. NEVER thought Id miss Florida but it seems that rain-forest climate is now in my bones.
The weather here has been up down up down; today its unbelievably hot. Nights are unbelievabl
y cold for me; at times I sleep under a down
comforter with another comforter on top of that and two long sleeved pajama shirts. I've actually had the cold wake me up in the mornings. The heat was turned on too, I don't know if its how old the building is or if
something is broken because I've never had to deal with a gas heater before.

Fall brings me Halloween, the ultimate of holidays! And even
though I didn't carve a pumpkin this year the costuming went over really well. I didn't even really DO too much because I was exhausted from work. I did wear my fairy outfit to work on Friday, where it was a big hit and then later out to Hollywood and Highland to walk the Walk of Fame and see everyone else's outfits. Strangers took photos with me, I took photos of strangers and all around fun was had.
Thanksgiving plans are abound. I've decided to host a Film School Family dinner at my place complete with long tables and lots chairs and hopefully many attendees and lots of food.
Caroline has volunteered to be the turkey master so I am thankful that day for being alleviated of that chore.

My computer came! It's sitting in a large box in front of the doorway in the living room and tempting me. Its making me crave the weekend. Well, that and whats been a pretty difficult week so far. I feel pretty tired. (De
finitely going in for a massage on Sat and Sun.) But yay computer...sadly amazon shipped Sims Ambitions to...Tallahassee so I may not be seeing that for a little bit(booooo).

And last but not least...Tom is moving out in December and Laura is moving in. It's an unfortunate series of events and a decision made by me to not continue fighting with my landlord. I cant afford to be mentally and monetarily moving at the moment and given that atmosphere surrounding the whole situation I was just tired of phone calls and complaints. I hope that our friendship will remain despite the fact that I know he feels at least somewhat if not totally betrayed. I did not ask him to go, the landlord did, even though I think he doesnt see it that way. But you never know...perhaps even good things will come of this? Maybe he will be happier in his living situation that follows, maybe me and Laura will become good friends?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Its a Man's World

Oh's a good one:

Joking around about one of the men (wont mention who) going into the production meeting to this song thats like the entrance to boxing match. This little fantasy scenario continues and the two guys in this convo are like oh yeah and so and so can be rubbing my shoulders as I walk in...wearing a robe and some shorts...

And I say, yeah you need some of those Round 1, Round 2 girls too.

And then he says to me:

"Honey, nobody wants to see you in a bathing suit."


Makes me feel really good about all that workin out I do :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm an Idiot, My Boss Hates Me, My Heart Hurts

This job will kill me. Maybe not this particular one but this career will. My heart goes into overdrive and I feel like a 27 year old person should not be experiencing chest pain. I get too stressed out, I TRY to live up to the expectations of one of my bosses and simply CAN NOT meet them no matter how hard I try. I forget things off the PR, or I miss hear or she just doesnt like the sound of my voice. When I try to sound nice and kowtow I think she thinks I'm being fake, when Im NORMAL Im not nice enough and come off as someone who doesn't want to learn. I can't do right by her at all.

I feel sad... Im just fucking sad. For whatever you see written in here most of the time Im sad. From both work and personal matters. Im trying to stay afloat on miniscule happy thoughts of Christmas and the Sims. My parents have essentially lost their job and are talking to me about moving back to Poland and... while they always do that this time it feels a lot more serious. I don't think I should stay with K. Someone spoke to me about how if we were meant to be together one of us would be willing to sacrifice in order for us to be in the same city and neither of us is willing to do that. I can't get over the fact that I lived with him and regardless of the circumstances I didn't have a good time and I don't know if I ever will and the opportunity to live together will not come up again in forever and can I really stay with him for that much longer? I can't find alternatives or moderate solutions; I just don't know how to be in an "open" relationship and be seeing other people. Its seems shitty and false and if Im going to do that I may as well just break up. I think Im a one or the other kind of person. This with the work and the parents and the loneliness of LA...

FUCK life. Just fuck it. The best part of my day is when I'm asleep. That's fucking sad.

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Computer

I did it. I finally sucked it up and spent the money on a new PC. I've been missing The Sims a lot. Enough to purchase a PC so that I can play it once again. So my new computer will hopefully arrive at my house by this weekend...

I know. It looks pretty BAMF. Its cause its from basically I customed it so that it would run the game at its peak performance. It'll also function as my backup hardrive for all my music and photos from the Mac. The comp is on a 6 months no interest plan so i
ts not like Im dropping all the cash on it this very instant. Now I just need a name for it....

I also went ahead and purchased the expansion for the Sims that I was most excited about: Sims Ambitions. I bought that with my gift card to Amazon so it wasnt like I dropped extra cash on that.

So of my life is back to get me through the hard times :)

Also did work on the Halloween costume this weekend that I WILL be wearing to work on Friday. Im sure I'll probably be mocked for it but who gives a shit you only live once. I'm going as a fairy. With a big neon blue wig of messy curls that has flowers and butterflies stuck in it, some awesome over the top eye makeup, a teal floaty dress and rather large teal and purple wings with blue rhinestones on them. Oh and purple tights. So the wings will get in the way of any sort of Halloween dancing at a club or anything like that...Ill look FAB! Pictures OF COURSE to follow.

Everyone is getting sick at work...Im bustin out the hand sanitizer and praying that the illness doesnt take me.

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's a Man's World

As Im sure you all have heard before film is a bit of male dominated career. So here's what I hope to be a segment of my blog dedicated to my experiences regarding being one of few vaginas. Looking forward to many many stories here.

Lets start with weeks ago....

A certain man fellow walked up to me one morning and said:

"You know what you need?"

Which of course is a question that leads to MANY fabulous answers. And I said

"No, No I dont."
"A man."
"Really? How do you know I need a man?"
"I can just tell."
"Well I already have a man, its our anniversary today and we've been together for 7 years" "Well...he's not doing his job."

What a lovely conversation that was.

Then we have yesterday...a more lovely and positive story of how me, Jessica (electric) and Diana(camera) chased out all the electrics from their room with our womanly conversations about marriage. It felt great to not have to be putting up a manly front. And it made the manly front super apparent for me when I didnt have to do it.

And here's a recent venture from today when my boss greeted me with "Hey bitch" when I walked in the office. I was like....uhhhh....hey? He was joking...and was still jarring...and uncomfortable.

Im sure there will be lots more of these experiences to come. ENJOY.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

4 Day Weekend

So where the last weekend involved a lot of me sitting on my ass, this past one involved barely
sitting on it at all.

I had a blast with K. We went to most of the places on the list I had made for us and then some. There are still lots of LA things that we can do the next time. I continue to be really on the fence about this whole 3 years of long distance thing but as it stands I dont think my heart is ready to let go of us just yet...

So here's the list of what we did and where we went:

-The weekend started off with K. arriving at the Sony lot and getting to meet Jorge Garcia(aka Hurley from Lost), checking out the stages and my job and all that good stuff.

-Thur. morning we ran down the street a ways to Good and enjoyed some delicious brun
ch which was, delicious as always though I have to say I think I found myself a Good replacement that's closer to home.

-Then it was driving through downtown and back home only to...

-Take the subway to Hollywood and Highland where we did the walk of stars and Kodak Theatre and Graumann's Chinese..
- We walked back to the house making pitstops and Sunset and Vine and Amoeba music
- Shortly followed by driving over to Scoops and enjoying some beer inspired ice cream

- All in the same day we then ate over at Red Corner Asia and I had a delicious coconut beverage that Im absolutely in love with now (which btw K. said tasted like mold).
-And the day ended with a trip by subway again to the Arclight Cinerama Dome screening of The Social Network. K. loved the theatre and the movie.

-Fri morning: Cafe 101 around the corner from my house for delicious breakfast. This is when the fog flew into town so the rest of the weekend was enveloped in it.

-Then it was off to the Getty for the rest of the day, where we looked at so much cool shit. The coolest for me was probably the Bouguereau painting "A Young Girl Defending Herself Against Eros" since after all I LOVE his paintings and this was the first time I got to see one. My second favorite and Kellen's first was the Engaged Observers photography exhibit which we probably spent the longest time on.
-The rest of the evening was spent at home watching Thelma and Louise.

-Sat morning: Noah's Bagels early on then off to geocache at Griffith Park as well as a visit to the observatory.

- Then a ride down to Beverly Hills to pick up some Sprinkles cupcakes and go to Noodle Planet for Udon over near UCLA. Then back home to eat cupcakes, Mochi ice cream and watch Leaving Las Vegas.

- Sun morning: My Good replacement: Fred 62! I loved it! They played Queens of the Stone Age and Modest Mouse and served me a great freakin waffle and a great freakin breakfast sandwich with goat cheese on it to K. The coffee was great, the orange juice was real and the price was totally fair. V. excited about this find.

-And then K. was off to the airport. We said our goodbyes and I drove off only to get a call as soon as I got home from him about how the airline was offering 300$ to 5 people who were willing to wait 3 hours til the next flight since they overbooked. So booo I could have hung out with him longer but yay cause he basically flew to LA for free!

-So that was it...and it was great. I needed some good fun. Not saying Im not any less confused about my situation but it was a nice break from feeling sad and lonely.

Now its Wed and its been raining all week. We started shooting on location and ran really late so now everyday we go into the night and our call times are all pushed but I still have to get up freakin early to avoid traffic and sleep in my car. So basically Im exhausted, wet, and most of the time cold. Also base camp is hellishly far from set so most of my day is spent with hearing static on the walkie and nothing sucks more than that. I have no idea what's going on most of the time.

This weekend...another even on Sat not much of sleeping in will happen. I plan on buying myself a PC this weekend for playing the Sims and maybe? finding myself a Halloween costume. Im so tired Im thinking about just wearing this wig I got instead of putting forth the effort of actually finding an entire costume.

Friday, October 8, 2010

3 Day Weekend

The week has certainly felt eventful. Last week went crazy fast whereas this week has felt like a dragging hellish month. I can't even remember Monday.

It rained for two days, it was cold, at one point it rained so hard that it rained INTO our stage and onto our set. I was wearing raingear and hauling as through like 6 inches of water. Bizarre for LA. Perhaps we can call that our "welcome" to fall/winter.

I welcome the hiatus next week and K's visit. Hopefully the DGA doesn't deem it an opportunity to day play me on anything. Sleep in a warm bed is what Im really looking forward to. I've been so cold at night; as if the chill has seeped into my bones.

I feel things on set felt off this week. Communication and personalities, things of that nature. I have so much to work on. As a person, as an AD...its tough because you want to impress people or meet their expectations but often their expectations or demands arent what you want for yourself and from yourself. Never has Emerson rang truer:

"It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of a crowd keeps with perfect sweetnesss the independence of solitude." ~Emerson~

I hope that the amount of evaluation of self that I've been doing recently is something I can maintain. There are qualities that I want to fashion and mold and grow within myself and while I want to meet the expectations of my supervisors I don't want to forget or replace the goals I have for myself and the person I want to be.

My biggest goal: A calmer me, someone who doesn't take every pitfall as a giant canyon that must be hurdled. Call it me cultivating an inner zen. It's probably the hardest thing I'm going to face but I think if I can even slightly touch this state my life will improve tenfold. This goal includes within it less complaining. While I think Ive been achieving really well not griping while on set I think I continue to go home and feel sorry for myself and that has got to be cut down. OK so its fine to feel shitty about your situation sometimes but "poor me, poor me" is only getting me so far. Im cutting that shit out STARTING NOW.

So its hard and Im sad and I feel alone- externalizing that is not helping me ameliorate it either.

So with this weekend coming up lets take a look at some things I hope to achieve:

-Furniture shopping! I could really use a coffee table and tv stand and an end table for the living room. Perhaps a comfy chair. This weekend Im hitting up the stores to try and spruce up the digs before K's visit.
-Watching Two Towers. Have been trying to get to this for 2 weeks now! I plan on sitting on the couch or bed, drinking tea and going nowhere. If I had a cat- he'd be right there with me.
-Buying some new clothes for work.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Christmas Tickets Booked

I'm incredibly pleased with myself because I went for it and bit the bullet and bought those tickets to go home for Christmas. I have no guarantees that I won't be called upon by the DGA so I may end up being out some money but I just can't imagine how I might feel if I don't spend the holidays with my family. For the first time the longing to go home is unbelievable and the joy I experienced after paying for those tickets was definitely something.

So yes, 440$ (WOW! I thought Id be spending at least 200 more) I have flight to Tampa and 10 days in Florida to spend with my rents.

The weekend went well. Overall it felt like a blink of the eye, what with the 8 hour seminar and all. After 8 hours of learning the NEW methods (not that different really...) Im now First Aid and CPR certified. Not that it will really make that big of a difference since I dont think anyone will actually let me touch them on set anyways since there's a medic just about anywhere you go.

Oh and guess who could have used that medic this morning? Thats right ME. It was all misty and foggy this morning (now its actually RAINING) and I freakin slipped on the wardrobe stairs and hit my back (as in my spine) on the top stair then slid down on my ass all the way to the bottom. All this pretty much directly in front of all of transpo. So now like an idiot my back hurts and I feel like I should probably log it on the DPR.

Oh and my Thai massage was pretty good. I dont know if I would go ahead and pay 45 dollars for it normally I think Im fully satisfied with my foot/shoulder/back massage for 25. Im going to be looking into the cost of yoga classes near my apartment to add to my weekend regiment.

More to add on this weekend at a further time...

Friday, October 1, 2010


I just realized that the lovely weekend I've been looking forward to will be eaten up by a DGA Seminar on First Aid and CPR. The seminars don't really bother me when they teach me things I don't already know but as a former R.A of 3 years I have been through enough First Aid and CPR training sessions to keep me medically trained for the next long while. BALLS! I do NOT want to spend my Saturday morning breathing into a mannequin. I want to lounge in bed and watch Don Draper damn it. Oh well...there's not much I can do about it I guess.

Weekend plans include but are not limited to:
-getting the Thai massage I bought for 22 bucks from one of those Groupon things
-hanging out with Kimby and friends and playing board games on Saturday night
-going shopping for new pants, work shirts and socks at the Buffalo Exchange
-buying Pandemic to play on Saturday night (less likely to happen now that we have that dumbass seminar)
-watching The Two Towers
-buying my ticket to fly home for Christmas (eish that is gonna be a lot of money!)

Oh and K. bought a ticket to come and see me! So in less than 2 weeks from now he'll be here!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fun Times...Dumb List

So just to maintain my blogging of LA-ness here's my list (as far as I can remember it of famous people I've seen. The (M's) are for one's I've actually met.

John Corbett (Parenthood)
Betty White (Hot In Cleveland)
George Costanza (Seinfeld)
Lauren Graham (Parenthood)
Diane Lane (Cinema Verite)
Courtney Cox (Cougartown)
David Boreanaz (Bones)
Hugh Laurie (House)
Tim Robbins (Cinema Verite)
Simon Baker (The Mentalist)
Melissa McCarthy (Mike and Molly--aka Sookie from Gilmore Girls)
Matthew Perry (Mr. Sunshine) -M
Allison Janney (Mr. Sunshine) - M
Nate Torrence (Mr. Sunshine) - M
Kathy Najimy (Mr. Sunshine) - M
Nick Jonas (Mr. Sunshine) - M
Cher (was filming Burlesque)
Adam Sandler (filming Jack and Jill)
Justin Timberlake (who knows)
Fred Savage - M
Lizzy Caplan - M
Fran Kranz (Topher from Dollhouse)
Jimmy Connors(Mr. Sunshine)-M
James Taylor(Mr. Sunshine)- M
Jorge Garcia (Mr. Sunshine)- M

Fun times. Apparently Adam Sandler's trailer will be right next to ours! He seems like a really nice guy; he drove on the lot today and rolled down his window to wave at some tourists.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 1 as a Trainee

While tiring and trying week was certainly educational and fun. There were moments of doubt and exhaustion but here I am, arrived at the weekend, and using it to relax and rejuvenate like I said I would be.

Running basecamp is certainly something I am far from mastering but I feel confident in my ability to do it. I think step 1 will be to gain confidence in myself. Once I believe in myself the rest will follow so therefore this next week the focus is on thinking of basecamp as my own set that I have to manage and run same as a 1st.

The second thing to work on is managing my stress level in front of actors. Currently I know Im letting it show too much.

Keeping the complaining down, as per How to Win Friends... I have all the chapter guidelines written out and I try to glance at them from now and then. Also keeping my mouth shut as much as possible, especially when the conversation pertains to other people.

The days are long, but could be longer. The first three days were particularly difficult on the backs of my knees (the muscles there were killing me). And now that the weekend came I found a place (so close that I can walk to it!) that does massage. Foot massage for 60 min with a shoulder and back massage at the beginning for only 25$! With tip it was 35$ and Im so happy I went. Its going to be a thing of mine now every weekend. They even do full body for 45$.

Now Im peacefully hanging out in my bed watching The Fellowship of the Ring. Good day so far certainly.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I've been placed! Yay!

On a show called Mr. Sunshine with Matthew Perry and Allison Janney that's being filmed on the Sony lot.
There they are- our lovely first team who I get the joy of wrangling starting Monday!

I'm super psyched. I worked yesterday on a prep day and our production team is awesome. I think I'm going to learn tons.

So far no real contact with Matthew; he did say hi to me in the production office.

My spirits have considerably lifted since I found out I'll be working. Its amazing the effect that having something to do with yourself can do. Don't have too many more details than that right now, will update probably next weekend.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Stupid Upset

So the landscape people came today to our complex. And right outside our window (I live on the second floor) is this tree that has these red fuzzy flowers.

I've been home so much that I suppose the tree has kind of become a comfort to me. Hummingbirds really like the fuzzy flowers and there have been two of them that fly around the tree a lot. They've been really fun to watch. Recently the tree flowered like crazy and instead of hummingbirds we've gotten bees. It's been really fun to have these flowers RIGHT outside my window and getting to watch these animals be around these flowers. Also, if you know anything about the state of bees recently (they've been dying off and we can't figure out why), it just made me happy to get to watch them...I guess be alive?

So the landscape guys just came and chopped off the entire top
of the tree--the part that reaches our windows, the part with all the flowers. All the bees are just circling round where the flowers used to be and it's actually making me really sad. I know I'm probably being overemotional and it's just a result of feeling like I've lost ANOTHER things I've gained comfort from but I miss my tree, a
nd my bees, and hummingbirds.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Interview...and Monkey!

So today I finally got a call...but don't be too excited just yet. It's a call for an "interview." They told us that these might happen. Basically, its just the show wanting to see all the available trainees and picking the one they think best fits with their particular show and staff. Soooo I'm interviewing for a show called Mr. Sunshine and Sony (ack far away from my house!) on next Tuesday. The show stars Matthew Perry and has to do with him re-evaluating his life at the age of 40. Allison Janney from the West Wing and Nate Torrence are on it as well. You know so I have a 1 in 3 chance of getting on that seeing as 2 other people are interviewing for it as well. We'll see how it goes!

Earlier this week got called in to be on Pretty Little Liars and
got to experience being on an AFTRA voucher and getting paid much, MUCH more-- v. nice. No exciting photos because I was just being a high school student so nothing special there.

But here is a fabulous photo of me with Candy the monkey from Night at the Museum!
She was at the Trainee Seminar, Working with Animals. She was v cute but we also learned to be wary of her smile which is her way of saying "remember I have these teeths."

So wish me luck for Tuesday, lets see what happens!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Still No Calls...

Still not placed on a know I kind of almost forget about it sometimes. I've gotten so used to going out and finding work as an extra...

This week went well...4 days of work. Its funny cause the week started out with me not even wanting to call Central and everyday I was like I don't know if I'll call today...and then everyday I did and managed to book a job.

The week began with a day on The Big Bang Theory being a nerdy student in a cafeteria scene with Tom and Bojan joining me. Very, very boring. I realized I never want to work on a sitcom. It seemed beyond slow. But hey, we got some overtime and the day finished with me booking the next days job on Mike and Molly being a tourist at a diner. That was a half day for me with the show overbooking the number of extras so they didnt actually use me. Have to say that from both of those days, being on the WB lot is fun. Oh and I was on the same stage that Friends used to be shot on. Not only is it super close to my house,
but eating at their commissary is fabulous. They have great food. I'd eat at the salad bar and then take food home with me for dinner.

Next day I was booked on House being a nurse. I was there for 10 hours, got overtime and lun
ch and didnt do a damn thing. They didnt use us at all. We just sat around the whole time on a neighboring stage FREEZING our butts off and going slightly batshit crazy because we were inside but were on the outside of the House hospital. So I was sitting next to some shrubberies and a bike rack and a
bench. It was odd.

Heres a photo of me as a nurse and also 2 more photos from Cinema Verite.
As well as some photos from last weeks stint on Parenthood as a concert goer, for which I did some great victory rolls in my hair, and also my "Jersey shore" look for Bones (aka slut-look).

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Extra Work, LACMA and Manhattan Beach

Had a fun couple of days certainly worth sharing some photos from the experiences.

Two days ago I went to be an extra on Cinema Verite, an HBO movie with Diane Lane and Tim Robbins. The part I was called in for took place in the 70s on a talk show (Dick Cabott Show). So I got to get all dressed up 70s style, get my hair did and makeup, all that jazz. I came to the conclusion that my outfit resembled a faux Star Trek uniform :) It was a fun evening of sitting in an audience getting to watch Diane Lane act. Made some overtime money which is always nice. It sucks when you go
in to be an extra and all you make is the 64$ which actually comes out to like 52 after taxes.

Yesterday I got a call from Kimby inviting me to g
o with her and some peeps to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) which was fantastic! I wasn't feeling too great, kinda lethargic... but I had a great time nonetheless. We BARELY got to see any of the museum. Its quite big. I spent extensive time in the modern art/ german express
ionism section seeing most importantly Magritte's "Ceci n'est pas une pipe"! I was beyond excited. There w
ere also some Kirchner's, Lissitzky's, lots and LOTS of Picasso and a Mondrian. Oh and some Kandinsky but none of the "good stuff" (no Compositions...mostly things I'd never seen before but since I don't really care for him I wasn't too disappointed). Most definately would not mind going back there just to explore that section by myself and really get to look over the stuff I studied. I wandered through the Islamic/Indian art but for whatever reason just can't bring myself to be fascinated by it. I mean I'm intrigued by the detail in the carvings in, say the Hindi works. But, once you've seen one set of rounded boobies, you've kinda seen em all? I'm still not sure on that statement...maybe I'll grow to love that stuff more later. Then we were all hungry and sort of speed demoned through the European Art (Baroque, Medieval period, etc) and I really can't say I gave these the appreciation they deserve. Needless to say LACMA most definitely can expect another visit from me seeing as I only made it to 1 of its 5 buildings (granted I know that at least one of those 5 is the cafe).

Last night I was invited to, both seeing this meteor shower with Rickia, Dave and Laura AND hanging out with board games at Derek and crews and chose to go hang with Derek and all. I had fun but sort of wish I had gotten to see the shower, Laura said it was quite awesome. I would drive outside of the city and watch it myself but I'm strapped for cash and an hour drive out and back aren't currently in the budget.

Which brings me to today. I was coaxed into going to Manhattan Beach with Derek, Laurie, Laura, Tom and Varney. I was expecting full on sun and hopefully some active beach sportiness but when we arri
ved it was foggy? or possibly just overcast. Still can't decide if the "marine layer" is real :) So we sort of lay there for awhile and talked but then it simply became too cold, at which point we went and grabbed fish tacos and then wandered around the promenade-y area. We hung out some more at a coffee shop (delicious coffee from Noah's Bagels!) and then headed back home.

I came home, did some awesome workin out with the 30 day shred video, which, kicked my ass, and now I'm relaxing and thinking about watching a movie. I'm trying hardcore to work out (we'll see how well it goes with the "everyday" thing) before getting on set and also I've decided that I need to very, VERY actively
pursue more extra work seeing as I'm not getting paid any other way. The last two weeks I've sort of been treating it as fun, additional income but I'm realizing now if I want to pay the bills I need to be doing it every freakin day. So...that means waking up early Monday to see if there are any rush calls and booking like a mad woman for Tuesday. Let hope I get placed soon...honestly being an extra is beyond boring.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hike - Santa Anita Canyon, Sturtevant Falls

Had a fun hike this weekend with Rickia and Laura and Rickia's friends Dave and Portia. It was fun and offered plenty of photo opportunities. Also not far at all outside of LA and there were plenty more hiking trails that we didn't take so I think I'm definitely going to return to see what else is out there. It was Rickia's first time hiking and she did great!

Confusing last couple days...still waiting on placement and starting to get more and more irate and insecure feeling as the weeks progress. There are people on The Office, Chuck and Life of An American Teenager, just to name a few. It makes you feel really shitty wondering why youre one of the six that still hasn't "joined the club."

I got my desk today from Dallas. It arrived in quite the beat up box, but the desk itself was just fine.
I left it on the curb while I was
throwing away said box and it took no less than a couple minutes for a man with a pickup truck to come and start to pick it up! I had to be like, hold of buddy thats mine, or else he would have taken it!

The desk came with Kellen's blankets; the really old ones, the ones that he had waaay back when he and I first started dating. It's been slightly emotional having these here with me. I called and talked to him; I miss him so much.

Also later in the day the package from my mom came. A huge packaged filled with every kitchen utensil imaginable, clothes, a mixer, an iron, some cups and plates and a bunch of towels. Also candy, it is a package from my mom after all.
The clothes are actually all quite awesome...except for these white pants. She just can't give up on the white pants.

Trying to get on more extra work, calling and calling but having such a hard time getting through. Today I scheduled an audition for being a teen but then found out that the actual day wasn't until Aug 19 and unfortunately had to call and cancel because I hope that I'll be on a show by then! One of my checks for the work I did last week came, taxes took out 12 bucks :(

Oh, and yesterday I went to a salsa class! I sucked it up and paid 15$ for an hour and half. The first half hour was all introductory, definitely a good "catch up" for me and the next hour was lots of fun! It was great to be dancing again. I was itching the entire time to be swing dancing though rather than salsa dancing so if I go again next week I'm going to find a different studio, one that teaches swing but hopefully within the same price range. Anything more than 10$ an hour i just can't afford.

So yeah...that's sort of it in a nutshell. Trying to stay as busy as possible. Missing Kellen. Missing my old life. Can't wait til I'm able to see him again. I'm keeping the "us" alive in my heart and hoping that time is what will help me overcome our problem. I keep thinking about what a good couple we were despite my uncertainties. We were always more than honest and caring and more understanding than any relationship I've ever been in. All of which I hope will leave us with something to return to.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do You Like Butterflies?

I decided to go for a walk today after sitting at home all day. Went up Western, checked out the Metro, walked a bit on Sunset and turned to come back home.

Before I continue I want everyone to know that I was in no way "dolled up" for this experience and hardly felt like it.

So I'm walking back home and I go by a group of some "shady" looking people and some girl walks up to them and says, "So you're looking to get rid of it right?" So you know...I sort of filled in the blanks for what I thought was going on in that situation.

As I pass by these people this tall dude wearing a long sleeved gray sweatshirt and fingerless black gloves(picture 80's look) starts walking alongside me. He hold his arms up like to his chin with his wrists flopped over (picture Jurrasic Park imitation of velocoraptor minus the lethal intent). He's wearing sunglasses and appears to be possibly doped out.

He says to me, "I like your sunglasses" I thank him and he continues to walk/talk with me. He asks me where Im going, and I say to the store not wanting him to follow me home or something. There's a long pause and he's like, "oh, the CVS?" I stupidly answered "yeah I dont know" since at that point I was already like, wtf is going on? Then theres a considerably long pause as he walks alongside me. Then out of nowhere he asks me, "Do you like butterflies?"

In my head I'm like, this is slang for, "would you like to buy some crack cocaine?" and respond with a very firm no.

The guy continues to walk with me. Theres no store to turn into and no opportunity to cross the street. We sort of drift apart, him ahead me behind and I think for a moment that the bizarro encounter is over. Sadly I was mistaken. He slows down and starts to walk alongside me again. Loooooong pause and then he says,"so can I get your number?"

What??! Do things like this work on women?? Do they?? Or was this man just really out of his mind?

I told him no and that I was seeing someone. He then asked me, "So youre seeing someone RIGHT now?" Not too sure what that emphasis was supposed to suggest. Perhaps it was more drug slang. I said yes and at that point said bye and crossed the street.

This is what happens when you try to take a walk in Los Angeles. All I wanted was a walk, not crack cocaine, an awkward pickup line and a stalker.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I think this says it best

Mad Girl's Love Song

"I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead;
I lift my lids and all is born again.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)

The stars go waltzing out in blue and red,
And arbitrary blackness gallops in:
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

I dreamed that you bewitched me into bed
And sung me moon-struck, kissed me quite insane.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)

God topples from the sky, hell's fires fade:
Exit seraphim and Satan's men:
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

I fancied you'd return the way you said,
But I grow old and I forget your name.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)

I should have loved a thunderbird instead;
At least when spring comes they roar back again.
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

(I think I made you up inside my head.)"

~Sylvia Plath

Friday, July 30, 2010


Ok so ever since I can remember, for the most part, my birthdays have been horrible. I've always cried on them and tried really hard not to give a shit. To, call it a day like any other and move the fuck on. There's been one or two in recent years that have surmounted this "stereotype" of mine and I thought that perhaps finally I'd dug myself out of the hole of having craptastic birthdays where I feel distanced from my family, or so geeky and estranged that I had noone to share it with me. Well quite honestly I think this last one may have taken the cake. Worse than when my ex boyfriend's father died on my birthday. I'm not trying to get sympathy just blathering on about whats going on in life. All said and done that night I realized that my relationship really and truly has ended. I thank my friends for being there with some really good advice that I can hopefully keep in my thoughts as I go forward. Working on that as we speak.

Please put me to work! I dont want to sit in the empty apartment anymore, unable to spend anymore money to make the place looked lived in and unable to go anywhere because I dont really have the money to do that either. There's only so much reading and internet surfing you can do. I want to throw myself at the job. I really dont want to think about anything but it.

I feel like I fucked up and I cant fix it but then again Im not sure what I could have done different. If someone has figured out a way to alter or get rid of certain feelings let me know so that in the future I can use it to unbotch my life.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sea of emotions

Never have I missed my mom more. I want to take the time here to acknowledge how much I love my parents. I dont think many of us do that. My parents are wonderful people and I miss getting the opportunity to see them whenever I might want. My mom sent me the most amazing birthday card that made me just bawl. I hope that at some point in the course of the 2 years I get to go home.

I feel fairly lost right now. With Kellen gone and our relationship? in the state that its in/ not in I feel like I have no anchor. But I realize too that this is the only way it can be right now; anything else didn't make sense. I want whatever entity might be upstairs to help me make it back to that man but in the way that he deserves. Where I dont need him to change. I know we're really good at walking through life side by side, I know that growing old together would be a beautiful fun thing. Now I just need to rid myself of doubt and push through to commitment. If I can't do it then he's not the one for me. There's no way to get through whatever my problem is together. Maybe whatever is wrong is permanent and has to do with two people just being that slightly bit off for one another? I hope not.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Return to Texas...Departure from Texas

I'm sure at this point anyone that reads this is aware that I successfully made it into the DGA. No it hasn't registered yet. I still can't believe that in, pretty much a week, I'll be heading out to the west coast to live there for at least two years.

Finding out was beautiful BTW. Just before I lost ALL service for the next month the DGA called as we rounded the bend of this greeny mountain and in front of me appeared the Big Horn Mountains (the for serious, big snow
y ones). Only a couple of feet further and I lost reception after I got off the phone with them so they quite literally got me at the last second.

This is where I found out:

It was, and continues to be a real mixed bag of emotions. I dont
really want to talk more in depth about it other than the fact that I feel like this, in addition to other things, will have a real impact on my relationship.

I'm excited and terrified of what's coming. I'm one of 15 chosen which is awesome. Within the next 3 weeks I need to drive to LA, find an apartment, furniture, various sorts of house items since I got rid of so much when combining households with Kellen, read 2 books before our orientation, talk to my mentor, and start working as a 2nd 2nd! I can't wait to find out what my first assignment will be.

I'm currently in Colorado Springs on the return trip ba
ck from Wanda the Wonderful. I don't want to say too much about the filming....there were many many events and moments along the way. It was a hard show. Not in terms of how much we were actually shooting, but there were many, many other things that made it so much harder to get through. We got it all though and Wyoming was STUNNING. Check out my facebook for the buttloads of photos I took. Here's just one of my panoramas:

So tomm will be back in Texas for a week of packing, preparing, calling loans and telling them that I need to defer for a month or two while I get my shit together, and probably being unbelievably sad. My heart is broken because I feel like I'm loosing my best friend. Excitement, joy, fear, and pain are all wrapped into one at this moment in my life.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh Laziness...

I have the uncanny ability to stress out even while not working!

Alright here's the what not.

I worked this weekend on an MTV Tres production of Quiero Mis Quinces which is like My Super Sweet Sixteen except about Quinceanera's. I had no idea that these things existed until like 2 days ago.

Beyond news on the DGA front. Yes I'm starting to worry a little bit. I'm beginning to mentally prepare myself for the rejection.

Really bad shitty news. Got a new camera (Nikon d50) and knowing my awesome luck I was almost in an accident on the highway involving a trash can that required me to swerve suddenly and in the process I cracked the LCD on the camera. It still works but its a 250$ fix which is about what the camera is forget that. This has been bothering me so much you have no idea. Mostly because the trip I was making when this happened (which was for Wanda) was completely and utterly useless and pointless. So I can't get over the fact that not only did I waste my time but I broke my camera for no reason. It upset me all over again this morning when I started thinking about it and my back has been hurting since.

I'm packing for Wanda today and getting all the stu
ff ready for the drive tomm. I'm really concerned that we're not going to be able to fit everything into that van. 8 people bringing enough stuff for an entire month each as well as wardrobe for an entire movie....I've been doubting it all along but even more so now that I've finished packing. Generally I pack light but since the weather up there changes so much due to the altitude I'm packing everything: sweaters, coats, tights, jeans, light shirts, rain gear, all that stuff.. Additionally I'm bringing my knitting and 3 books to keep me sane on the drive as well as while we're there.

I've been feeling so lazy. I want to work out since I've gained some of the weight I lost back but I just get all sleepy and bored feeling and then I dont want to do anything. I'm going to force myself in a second to work out for a bit. I mean geez its not like I'm doing much else at home I should at least be able to do that.

I did go geocache for the first time yesterday which was very very fun! I'll post on my geocache escapades from now on as well if they're interesting.

Ah and here's some updates on plants:

Letttuce is...doing ok. I replanted it into regular potting mix (not the seedling kind) and I think I did it too early. I also think I should have added compost/manure to the mix and am considering repotting it today actually...Am worried though that if I touch it I might end up killing more of the lettuce in the process and there already arent that many to begin with.

Nasturtiums- aren't lookin so good. Mostly because of the heat. Its so damn hot that even the plants that are full sun can not handle my balcony. I've had to create lean-tos with some metal sheeting I found just to protect them from scorching. Also these guys have gotten knocked about by the wind a lot and are just not looking very aesthetic at all.

Shasta Daisys- are having good days if I keep them inside but can't stand the heat either despite being drought tolerant. I've gotten some scorched leaves and some seedlings that I thought were in a good place that just up and wilted on me. Once again don't have very many plants left from the plants I started.

Lupine- now these guys are doing great! mostly because I keep them inside because I went ahead and sowed some other seeds in with them and have to protect the little guys by keeping them inside. But the lupine is generally very resilient to the heat to begin with.

Tomatoes- These guys arent having any problems. Not yet anyway. I went ahead and potted up before I head out for a month and they're happily chugging along in their bigger pots with LOTS of mushroom compost. Now if I can just get my hands on some comfrey tea....

Thats it! Reading You Grow Girl now and loving it! Who knew that such a girlie looking book could be so fun and helpful to read. Shouldn't be judging the book by its cover :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thoughts on LA

My time here is starting to come to a close and I've had a really great time. Catching up with everyone has been more meaningful than I thought it was going to be and seeing LA and the way that I might be living has certainly been good. I think one of my huge problems in the move to Dallas was me not fulling preparing
myself for what was to come--this trip to LA should forego that experience at least somewhat should I get into the DGA.

The city is fine and I think I could be happy
here. Moreover, the housing situation, which was what was really scaring me can be worked out. I don't have to live in a complete hovel given the amount of rent that Tom wants to pay. As long as we do some hardcore searching I think where we live can even be quite nice, possibly built in the fifties and have a fantastic "easy bake oven" in the wall and pink tile like Anj's place :)

The interview itself went decent. Who knows what to expect though because hones
tly at this point its not about if I was good its more about if there were people that were better--
and I can't do anything about that. So we wait...for either dreadful crying (whi
ch will happen believe me and this point I really, really want it even more
now that I've seen LA) or bittersweet happiness since I'll be leaving Kellen behind.

It's out of my hands but you all can keep your fingers crossed for me if you like! The day before the interview I helped a ladybug out of Rickia and Justin's apt and then I found a lucky penny which I brought with me to the interview. Who knows maybe they'll help?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Los Angeles and DGA Interviews

So Im here! Finally after so many years of thinking about it and imagining it.

At first I was skeptical and not feelin so good about the city. Now three days in and I'm feelin it a lot more. I think I could live here and be hap
py...maybe not overjoyed...but content for certain.

Good news (which I'm sure most anyone reading this blog already knows due to facebook)--I made it on to the 2nd round of interviews! I'm psyched, happy, a little nervous for sure but I think I'll be ok. One way or the other the outcome will not be bad and for once in my life, when it comes to something I want so badly, if the result is negative I'll still be ok. Still hoping for the best though.

I've prepped a lot for the individual, and will be prepping some more tomm. I go in for the interview at 5pm and will not know anything regarding whether I get in or not for about 2-3 weeks. Long wait...good thing it will be mostly filled with Wanda stuff.

Seeing everyone here has been great! Everyone has been so helpful and supportive, it's definately made going to these interviews SO much easier (this is including all you online people--you have no idea what it means to know that you have ppl who believe in you in this circumstance). Cheers to you all.

Monday, May 10, 2010


So that interview is coming up fast and furious. I'm getting ready figuring out what I'm going to wear, changing up my resume, and thinking about what questions and answers they might be asking me. I'm generally nervous. Obviously, since the outcome is really going to determine so much. Yesterday I was just stressing myself out. I think about everything happening all at once and forget that I don't have to worry about it all at exactly the same time. It's like anything left unaccomplished bothers me.

Wanda stuff is hitting the fan too. I have a lot of things to worry/think about for that as well. Paperwork and making sure everything is printed before we head out there since the nearest town will be so far away. Keeping up with wardrobe and PD, granted that's not my job completely but Im still concerned about it. Then there's the van and the driving. Thank god that the scheduling is completed and hopefully will stay that way without too many changes.

I know this is really dumb to post about but I want everyone to know how much I wish that I had the Sims. I'm really missing my PC and being able to sit down with that game and just zone out for a couple hours. Prolly wont be getting to play it anytime remotely soon now.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Plant Updates

Alright so here's what's happening in my pots.

The columbines never came up (I think I either overwatered or sowed too deep). Same thing happened with the salvias and the dill.

However, I have been successful with the lupine and the shasta daisies.

The canterbury bells are at a complete standstills. I think it was because I tried to grow them in egg cartons and their roots just didnt have enough room to grow. I've taken them out of the cartons and placed them into plastic pots. We'll see what happens. They're very slow growing in general so it might be that. But with ever transplant I loose a couple so as it stands I maybe have a dozen right now?

I went ahead with tomatoes and lettuce and the first batch was a disaster. I accidentally left the pots outside and it rained and water logged them to hell. Then t
he cat peed in the lettuce. Awesome.

So I started a new batch and have had much success! Especially with the tomatoes. I have 7 going in their own little separate pots. As for the lettuce, the Simpson is doing decent but my Vivian didn't come up so I need to redo that.

And then there's the basil. I tried sowing it twice now in a clay pot (same pot as for the dill) and I think maybe the seeds aren't feeling the clay. I'm trying one more time and being really careful not to overwater in plastic pots this time for both the dill and the basil. We'll see what happens.

Oh and I really want to take a moment to highly recommend Garden Anywhere. It has totally helped me get through these early gardening stages and has TONS of fantastic ideas.

I love this woman's writing and her organic, sustainable, cheap gardening is right up my alley!!!

Work has been going well and my DGA interview is coming up. I'm nervous about it and actually need to go work on my resume now. Wanda the Wonderful is shaping up slowly as well...need to start putting together the paperwork for it.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


So I've decided to grow some veggies.

I've been reading Garden Anywhere and its really made me go even more insane over my plants. I'm reading every chance I get and I cant stop getting more containers for the patio.

A couple days ago I planted two kinds of lettuce and am SUPER psyched about it. Apparently its fairly simple to grow and I think having our own lettuce would be fantastic.

Today I was at Calloway's nursery and I suckered in to heirloom tomatoes. I really want to try growing at least one heirloom something so why not tomatoes. Its going to be funny though because its Brandywines and they get to be like 4 feet high. So should be interesting.

Other than that I have some photos from a Renn Fair I went to that I need to post soon.

Last week I worked on a Hell Yeah music video and this next week coming up I'm on spot for Spike TV and Cici's Pizza (its only a one day thing).

OH AND--- I GOT MY DGA INTERVIEW!!!! So going to LA from May 14-21. Lets hope for the best!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ok so I spent the whole day yesterday planting stuff. Some of my groups for Lupine and Nasturtium got screwed up and I'll review all that at a later date. I also didnt have enough containers for others. But most of the plants are in the dirt now its matter of germinating!

I went ahead and ordered my business cards...hopefully they come out as wonderfully as I would like them to.

I'll pull some photos from the wedding of me later as well so that those can be up here. But that won't be til Sunday since I'm working. Oh, and wonderful news, Wanda the Wonderful is going to find a little something for me in its budget so I am no longer working completely for free for them for an entire month. Yay!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And Now Jobs All Around

Working tomm. on pickups for Language of a Broken Heart. Then --super exciting paid gig on an American Airlines commercial. Hurray for making money! Omg did I need it.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Job For Me :(

Didn't get that job I interviewed for at The Gamers Realm. I guess Im too out of touch with DnD and all that good stuff... or they had a problem with me freelancing on the side.

On the other hand I have accepted the working for free position I was offered by Wanda the Wonderful! So that means I will be 1st ADing on the doc for 3 weeks in June in beautiful mountain country Wyoming. Literally in the middle of nowhere. With
horses. So what if they're not paying
me right? LOL. Good news too is that the 3 weeks are actually all narrative so it won't be unfamiliar AD territory (and possibly shooting on a Red).

And to make me feel better about not getting the job here are more photos from earlier today!

Dallas Arboretum--Spring!

Went to the Dallas Arboretum today with Tabitha and Colleen and let me tell you about how awesome it was. I took boatloads of photos and I only wish I had an amazing SLR with me. Sadly I do not own one so the photos were taken on my little Sony. But here are some of them! It was so incredibly beautiful there! I can only hope that I can successfully grow some slightly smaller version of this kind of awesome gardening on my balcony.