Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Extra Work, LACMA and Manhattan Beach

Had a fun couple of days certainly worth sharing some photos from the experiences.

Two days ago I went to be an extra on Cinema Verite, an HBO movie with Diane Lane and Tim Robbins. The part I was called in for took place in the 70s on a talk show (Dick Cabott Show). So I got to get all dressed up 70s style, get my hair did and makeup, all that jazz. I came to the conclusion that my outfit resembled a faux Star Trek uniform :) It was a fun evening of sitting in an audience getting to watch Diane Lane act. Made some overtime money which is always nice. It sucks when you go
in to be an extra and all you make is the 64$ which actually comes out to like 52 after taxes.

Yesterday I got a call from Kimby inviting me to g
o with her and some peeps to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) which was fantastic! I wasn't feeling too great, kinda lethargic... but I had a great time nonetheless. We BARELY got to see any of the museum. Its quite big. I spent extensive time in the modern art/ german express
ionism section seeing most importantly Magritte's "Ceci n'est pas une pipe"! I was beyond excited. There w
ere also some Kirchner's, Lissitzky's, lots and LOTS of Picasso and a Mondrian. Oh and some Kandinsky but none of the "good stuff" (no Compositions...mostly things I'd never seen before but since I don't really care for him I wasn't too disappointed). Most definately would not mind going back there just to explore that section by myself and really get to look over the stuff I studied. I wandered through the Islamic/Indian art but for whatever reason just can't bring myself to be fascinated by it. I mean I'm intrigued by the detail in the carvings in, say the Hindi works. But, once you've seen one set of rounded boobies, you've kinda seen em all? I'm still not sure on that statement...maybe I'll grow to love that stuff more later. Then we were all hungry and sort of speed demoned through the European Art (Baroque, Medieval period, etc) and I really can't say I gave these the appreciation they deserve. Needless to say LACMA most definitely can expect another visit from me seeing as I only made it to 1 of its 5 buildings (granted I know that at least one of those 5 is the cafe).

Last night I was invited to, both seeing this meteor shower with Rickia, Dave and Laura AND hanging out with board games at Derek and crews and chose to go hang with Derek and all. I had fun but sort of wish I had gotten to see the shower, Laura said it was quite awesome. I would drive outside of the city and watch it myself but I'm strapped for cash and an hour drive out and back aren't currently in the budget.

Which brings me to today. I was coaxed into going to Manhattan Beach with Derek, Laurie, Laura, Tom and Varney. I was expecting full on sun and hopefully some active beach sportiness but when we arri
ved it was foggy? or possibly just overcast. Still can't decide if the "marine layer" is real :) So we sort of lay there for awhile and talked but then it simply became too cold, at which point we went and grabbed fish tacos and then wandered around the promenade-y area. We hung out some more at a coffee shop (delicious coffee from Noah's Bagels!) and then headed back home.

I came home, did some awesome workin out with the 30 day shred video, which, kicked my ass, and now I'm relaxing and thinking about watching a movie. I'm trying hardcore to work out (we'll see how well it goes with the "everyday" thing) before getting on set and also I've decided that I need to very, VERY actively
pursue more extra work seeing as I'm not getting paid any other way. The last two weeks I've sort of been treating it as fun, additional income but I'm realizing now if I want to pay the bills I need to be doing it every freakin day. So...that means waking up early Monday to see if there are any rush calls and booking like a mad woman for Tuesday. Let hope I get placed soon...honestly being an extra is beyond boring.


  1. Looking good in your vintage Star Trek uniform.

  2. I think it needed to be shorter...and I needed a comlink.

  3. Looking hawt, love. Congratulations on the journey you've taken!