Monday, October 4, 2010

Christmas Tickets Booked

I'm incredibly pleased with myself because I went for it and bit the bullet and bought those tickets to go home for Christmas. I have no guarantees that I won't be called upon by the DGA so I may end up being out some money but I just can't imagine how I might feel if I don't spend the holidays with my family. For the first time the longing to go home is unbelievable and the joy I experienced after paying for those tickets was definitely something.

So yes, 440$ (WOW! I thought Id be spending at least 200 more) I have flight to Tampa and 10 days in Florida to spend with my rents.

The weekend went well. Overall it felt like a blink of the eye, what with the 8 hour seminar and all. After 8 hours of learning the NEW methods (not that different really...) Im now First Aid and CPR certified. Not that it will really make that big of a difference since I dont think anyone will actually let me touch them on set anyways since there's a medic just about anywhere you go.

Oh and guess who could have used that medic this morning? Thats right ME. It was all misty and foggy this morning (now its actually RAINING) and I freakin slipped on the wardrobe stairs and hit my back (as in my spine) on the top stair then slid down on my ass all the way to the bottom. All this pretty much directly in front of all of transpo. So now like an idiot my back hurts and I feel like I should probably log it on the DPR.

Oh and my Thai massage was pretty good. I dont know if I would go ahead and pay 45 dollars for it normally I think Im fully satisfied with my foot/shoulder/back massage for 25. Im going to be looking into the cost of yoga classes near my apartment to add to my weekend regiment.

More to add on this weekend at a further time...

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  1. No matter how small the injury seems at the time, log in every injury. It could save you a ton on medical expenses in the end if it turns out to be more serious.