Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thoughts on LA

My time here is starting to come to a close and I've had a really great time. Catching up with everyone has been more meaningful than I thought it was going to be and seeing LA and the way that I might be living has certainly been good. I think one of my huge problems in the move to Dallas was me not fulling preparing
myself for what was to come--this trip to LA should forego that experience at least somewhat should I get into the DGA.

The city is fine and I think I could be happy
here. Moreover, the housing situation, which was what was really scaring me can be worked out. I don't have to live in a complete hovel given the amount of rent that Tom wants to pay. As long as we do some hardcore searching I think where we live can even be quite nice, possibly built in the fifties and have a fantastic "easy bake oven" in the wall and pink tile like Anj's place :)

The interview itself went decent. Who knows what to expect though because hones
tly at this point its not about if I was good its more about if there were people that were better--
and I can't do anything about that. So we wait...for either dreadful crying (whi
ch will happen believe me and this point I really, really want it even more
now that I've seen LA) or bittersweet happiness since I'll be leaving Kellen behind.

It's out of my hands but you all can keep your fingers crossed for me if you like! The day before the interview I helped a ladybug out of Rickia and Justin's apt and then I found a lucky penny which I brought with me to the interview. Who knows maybe they'll help?

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