Monday, October 25, 2010

New Computer

I did it. I finally sucked it up and spent the money on a new PC. I've been missing The Sims a lot. Enough to purchase a PC so that I can play it once again. So my new computer will hopefully arrive at my house by this weekend...

I know. It looks pretty BAMF. Its cause its from basically I customed it so that it would run the game at its peak performance. It'll also function as my backup hardrive for all my music and photos from the Mac. The comp is on a 6 months no interest plan so i
ts not like Im dropping all the cash on it this very instant. Now I just need a name for it....

I also went ahead and purchased the expansion for the Sims that I was most excited about: Sims Ambitions. I bought that with my gift card to Amazon so it wasnt like I dropped extra cash on that.

So of my life is back to get me through the hard times :)

Also did work on the Halloween costume this weekend that I WILL be wearing to work on Friday. Im sure I'll probably be mocked for it but who gives a shit you only live once. I'm going as a fairy. With a big neon blue wig of messy curls that has flowers and butterflies stuck in it, some awesome over the top eye makeup, a teal floaty dress and rather large teal and purple wings with blue rhinestones on them. Oh and purple tights. So the wings will get in the way of any sort of Halloween dancing at a club or anything like that...Ill look FAB! Pictures OF COURSE to follow.

Everyone is getting sick at work...Im bustin out the hand sanitizer and praying that the illness doesnt take me.


  1. That computer IS a bad Mo Fo!!

    I'm so happy for you that you'll have your SIMS back!! Can you make a SIM me and make her thinner? ;)

  2. LOL...I can certainly do that. Ill call you when Im making her.