Friday, September 3, 2010

Stupid Upset

So the landscape people came today to our complex. And right outside our window (I live on the second floor) is this tree that has these red fuzzy flowers.

I've been home so much that I suppose the tree has kind of become a comfort to me. Hummingbirds really like the fuzzy flowers and there have been two of them that fly around the tree a lot. They've been really fun to watch. Recently the tree flowered like crazy and instead of hummingbirds we've gotten bees. It's been really fun to have these flowers RIGHT outside my window and getting to watch these animals be around these flowers. Also, if you know anything about the state of bees recently (they've been dying off and we can't figure out why), it just made me happy to get to watch them...I guess be alive?

So the landscape guys just came and chopped off the entire top
of the tree--the part that reaches our windows, the part with all the flowers. All the bees are just circling round where the flowers used to be and it's actually making me really sad. I know I'm probably being overemotional and it's just a result of feeling like I've lost ANOTHER things I've gained comfort from but I miss my tree, a
nd my bees, and hummingbirds.

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  1. i'd be sad, too! :( your apt complex guys are douches. booooooo.