Saturday, May 8, 2010

Plant Updates

Alright so here's what's happening in my pots.

The columbines never came up (I think I either overwatered or sowed too deep). Same thing happened with the salvias and the dill.

However, I have been successful with the lupine and the shasta daisies.

The canterbury bells are at a complete standstills. I think it was because I tried to grow them in egg cartons and their roots just didnt have enough room to grow. I've taken them out of the cartons and placed them into plastic pots. We'll see what happens. They're very slow growing in general so it might be that. But with ever transplant I loose a couple so as it stands I maybe have a dozen right now?

I went ahead with tomatoes and lettuce and the first batch was a disaster. I accidentally left the pots outside and it rained and water logged them to hell. Then t
he cat peed in the lettuce. Awesome.

So I started a new batch and have had much success! Especially with the tomatoes. I have 7 going in their own little separate pots. As for the lettuce, the Simpson is doing decent but my Vivian didn't come up so I need to redo that.

And then there's the basil. I tried sowing it twice now in a clay pot (same pot as for the dill) and I think maybe the seeds aren't feeling the clay. I'm trying one more time and being really careful not to overwater in plastic pots this time for both the dill and the basil. We'll see what happens.

Oh and I really want to take a moment to highly recommend Garden Anywhere. It has totally helped me get through these early gardening stages and has TONS of fantastic ideas.

I love this woman's writing and her organic, sustainable, cheap gardening is right up my alley!!!

Work has been going well and my DGA interview is coming up. I'm nervous about it and actually need to go work on my resume now. Wanda the Wonderful is shaping up slowly as well...need to start putting together the paperwork for it.

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