Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh Laziness...

I have the uncanny ability to stress out even while not working!

Alright here's the what not.

I worked this weekend on an MTV Tres production of Quiero Mis Quinces which is like My Super Sweet Sixteen except about Quinceanera's. I had no idea that these things existed until like 2 days ago.

Beyond news on the DGA front. Yes I'm starting to worry a little bit. I'm beginning to mentally prepare myself for the rejection.

Really bad shitty news. Got a new camera (Nikon d50) and knowing my awesome luck I was almost in an accident on the highway involving a trash can that required me to swerve suddenly and in the process I cracked the LCD on the camera. It still works but its a 250$ fix which is about what the camera is forget that. This has been bothering me so much you have no idea. Mostly because the trip I was making when this happened (which was for Wanda) was completely and utterly useless and pointless. So I can't get over the fact that not only did I waste my time but I broke my camera for no reason. It upset me all over again this morning when I started thinking about it and my back has been hurting since.

I'm packing for Wanda today and getting all the stu
ff ready for the drive tomm. I'm really concerned that we're not going to be able to fit everything into that van. 8 people bringing enough stuff for an entire month each as well as wardrobe for an entire movie....I've been doubting it all along but even more so now that I've finished packing. Generally I pack light but since the weather up there changes so much due to the altitude I'm packing everything: sweaters, coats, tights, jeans, light shirts, rain gear, all that stuff.. Additionally I'm bringing my knitting and 3 books to keep me sane on the drive as well as while we're there.

I've been feeling so lazy. I want to work out since I've gained some of the weight I lost back but I just get all sleepy and bored feeling and then I dont want to do anything. I'm going to force myself in a second to work out for a bit. I mean geez its not like I'm doing much else at home I should at least be able to do that.

I did go geocache for the first time yesterday which was very very fun! I'll post on my geocache escapades from now on as well if they're interesting.

Ah and here's some updates on plants:

Letttuce is...doing ok. I replanted it into regular potting mix (not the seedling kind) and I think I did it too early. I also think I should have added compost/manure to the mix and am considering repotting it today actually...Am worried though that if I touch it I might end up killing more of the lettuce in the process and there already arent that many to begin with.

Nasturtiums- aren't lookin so good. Mostly because of the heat. Its so damn hot that even the plants that are full sun can not handle my balcony. I've had to create lean-tos with some metal sheeting I found just to protect them from scorching. Also these guys have gotten knocked about by the wind a lot and are just not looking very aesthetic at all.

Shasta Daisys- are having good days if I keep them inside but can't stand the heat either despite being drought tolerant. I've gotten some scorched leaves and some seedlings that I thought were in a good place that just up and wilted on me. Once again don't have very many plants left from the plants I started.

Lupine- now these guys are doing great! mostly because I keep them inside because I went ahead and sowed some other seeds in with them and have to protect the little guys by keeping them inside. But the lupine is generally very resilient to the heat to begin with.

Tomatoes- These guys arent having any problems. Not yet anyway. I went ahead and potted up before I head out for a month and they're happily chugging along in their bigger pots with LOTS of mushroom compost. Now if I can just get my hands on some comfrey tea....

Thats it! Reading You Grow Girl now and loving it! Who knew that such a girlie looking book could be so fun and helpful to read. Shouldn't be judging the book by its cover :)

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  1. Your plants are fabulous. And Wanda can suck it.