Friday, August 27, 2010

Still No Calls...

Still not placed on a know I kind of almost forget about it sometimes. I've gotten so used to going out and finding work as an extra...

This week went well...4 days of work. Its funny cause the week started out with me not even wanting to call Central and everyday I was like I don't know if I'll call today...and then everyday I did and managed to book a job.

The week began with a day on The Big Bang Theory being a nerdy student in a cafeteria scene with Tom and Bojan joining me. Very, very boring. I realized I never want to work on a sitcom. It seemed beyond slow. But hey, we got some overtime and the day finished with me booking the next days job on Mike and Molly being a tourist at a diner. That was a half day for me with the show overbooking the number of extras so they didnt actually use me. Have to say that from both of those days, being on the WB lot is fun. Oh and I was on the same stage that Friends used to be shot on. Not only is it super close to my house,
but eating at their commissary is fabulous. They have great food. I'd eat at the salad bar and then take food home with me for dinner.

Next day I was booked on House being a nurse. I was there for 10 hours, got overtime and lun
ch and didnt do a damn thing. They didnt use us at all. We just sat around the whole time on a neighboring stage FREEZING our butts off and going slightly batshit crazy because we were inside but were on the outside of the House hospital. So I was sitting next to some shrubberies and a bike rack and a
bench. It was odd.

Heres a photo of me as a nurse and also 2 more photos from Cinema Verite.
As well as some photos from last weeks stint on Parenthood as a concert goer, for which I did some great victory rolls in my hair, and also my "Jersey shore" look for Bones (aka slut-look).

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