Monday, November 15, 2010

Shopping Extravaganza

For me anytime I spend something over 100 dollars its considered a shopping bonanza so this weekend I decided that there were some things that I just needed.

For starters I needed a vacuum cleaner so there went about 50 bucks on the cheapest Dirt Devil I could find. It seems to be working well enough so Im satisfied with it.

And then there were speakers for my computer (I bought Sony ones for
30 bucks but I dont actually like them so they're probably going to go back). I plan on checkin out the Sony store on the lot and seeing what I can get there.

There there were some shirts. I bought 4 long sleeved shirts for work cause Ive been rotating through my 5 shirts way too much to the point where you can see I only own those couple shirts. But hurray for Buffalo exchange cause 30 dollars later I love my shirts! I also LOVE shopping there. I know its a hunt and sometimes something not fitting you right is dissapointing because you just CANT get it in the right size. But when you find some
thing great boy does it feel good.

Then there are my new monkey slippers:

And last but not least Im incredibly excited about FINALLY getting myself Pandemic as well as Beyond Balderdash. Saturday will be boardgame awesomeness!!! I can not WAIT!

PS. Sims is amazing. I love the Ambitions expansion and all I want to do is play more and more! Good news is that after this week I have a 10 day Thanksgiving break and can Sim it up for awhile :)