Thursday, November 4, 2010

On Fall and Changes

More than likely my favorite time of the year fall is now being experienced in Los Angeles and its bringing with it highs of enjoyment and of course some disappointments. For starters, I sorely miss the rain of course. There's nothing like Florida downpours and that fresh and moist smell in the air. NEVER thought Id miss Florida but it seems that rain-forest climate is now in my bones.
The weather here has been up down up down; today its unbelievably hot. Nights are unbelievabl
y cold for me; at times I sleep under a down
comforter with another comforter on top of that and two long sleeved pajama shirts. I've actually had the cold wake me up in the mornings. The heat was turned on too, I don't know if its how old the building is or if
something is broken because I've never had to deal with a gas heater before.

Fall brings me Halloween, the ultimate of holidays! And even
though I didn't carve a pumpkin this year the costuming went over really well. I didn't even really DO too much because I was exhausted from work. I did wear my fairy outfit to work on Friday, where it was a big hit and then later out to Hollywood and Highland to walk the Walk of Fame and see everyone else's outfits. Strangers took photos with me, I took photos of strangers and all around fun was had.
Thanksgiving plans are abound. I've decided to host a Film School Family dinner at my place complete with long tables and lots chairs and hopefully many attendees and lots of food.
Caroline has volunteered to be the turkey master so I am thankful that day for being alleviated of that chore.

My computer came! It's sitting in a large box in front of the doorway in the living room and tempting me. Its making me crave the weekend. Well, that and whats been a pretty difficult week so far. I feel pretty tired. (De
finitely going in for a massage on Sat and Sun.) But yay computer...sadly amazon shipped Sims Ambitions to...Tallahassee so I may not be seeing that for a little bit(booooo).

And last but not least...Tom is moving out in December and Laura is moving in. It's an unfortunate series of events and a decision made by me to not continue fighting with my landlord. I cant afford to be mentally and monetarily moving at the moment and given that atmosphere surrounding the whole situation I was just tired of phone calls and complaints. I hope that our friendship will remain despite the fact that I know he feels at least somewhat if not totally betrayed. I did not ask him to go, the landlord did, even though I think he doesnt see it that way. But you never know...perhaps even good things will come of this? Maybe he will be happier in his living situation that follows, maybe me and Laura will become good friends?

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