Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do You Like Butterflies?

I decided to go for a walk today after sitting at home all day. Went up Western, checked out the Metro, walked a bit on Sunset and turned to come back home.

Before I continue I want everyone to know that I was in no way "dolled up" for this experience and hardly felt like it.

So I'm walking back home and I go by a group of some "shady" looking people and some girl walks up to them and says, "So you're looking to get rid of it right?" So you know...I sort of filled in the blanks for what I thought was going on in that situation.

As I pass by these people this tall dude wearing a long sleeved gray sweatshirt and fingerless black gloves(picture 80's look) starts walking alongside me. He hold his arms up like to his chin with his wrists flopped over (picture Jurrasic Park imitation of velocoraptor minus the lethal intent). He's wearing sunglasses and appears to be possibly doped out.

He says to me, "I like your sunglasses" I thank him and he continues to walk/talk with me. He asks me where Im going, and I say to the store not wanting him to follow me home or something. There's a long pause and he's like, "oh, the CVS?" I stupidly answered "yeah I dont know" since at that point I was already like, wtf is going on? Then theres a considerably long pause as he walks alongside me. Then out of nowhere he asks me, "Do you like butterflies?"

In my head I'm like, this is slang for, "would you like to buy some crack cocaine?" and respond with a very firm no.

The guy continues to walk with me. Theres no store to turn into and no opportunity to cross the street. We sort of drift apart, him ahead me behind and I think for a moment that the bizarro encounter is over. Sadly I was mistaken. He slows down and starts to walk alongside me again. Loooooong pause and then he says,"so can I get your number?"

What??! Do things like this work on women?? Do they?? Or was this man just really out of his mind?

I told him no and that I was seeing someone. He then asked me, "So youre seeing someone RIGHT now?" Not too sure what that emphasis was supposed to suggest. Perhaps it was more drug slang. I said yes and at that point said bye and crossed the street.

This is what happens when you try to take a walk in Los Angeles. All I wanted was a walk, not crack cocaine, an awkward pickup line and a stalker.

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