Sunday, April 25, 2010


So I've decided to grow some veggies.

I've been reading Garden Anywhere and its really made me go even more insane over my plants. I'm reading every chance I get and I cant stop getting more containers for the patio.

A couple days ago I planted two kinds of lettuce and am SUPER psyched about it. Apparently its fairly simple to grow and I think having our own lettuce would be fantastic.

Today I was at Calloway's nursery and I suckered in to heirloom tomatoes. I really want to try growing at least one heirloom something so why not tomatoes. Its going to be funny though because its Brandywines and they get to be like 4 feet high. So should be interesting.

Other than that I have some photos from a Renn Fair I went to that I need to post soon.

Last week I worked on a Hell Yeah music video and this next week coming up I'm on spot for Spike TV and Cici's Pizza (its only a one day thing).

OH AND--- I GOT MY DGA INTERVIEW!!!! So going to LA from May 14-21. Lets hope for the best!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ok so I spent the whole day yesterday planting stuff. Some of my groups for Lupine and Nasturtium got screwed up and I'll review all that at a later date. I also didnt have enough containers for others. But most of the plants are in the dirt now its matter of germinating!

I went ahead and ordered my business cards...hopefully they come out as wonderfully as I would like them to.

I'll pull some photos from the wedding of me later as well so that those can be up here. But that won't be til Sunday since I'm working. Oh, and wonderful news, Wanda the Wonderful is going to find a little something for me in its budget so I am no longer working completely for free for them for an entire month. Yay!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And Now Jobs All Around

Working tomm. on pickups for Language of a Broken Heart. Then --super exciting paid gig on an American Airlines commercial. Hurray for making money! Omg did I need it.