Friday, October 22, 2010

It's a Man's World

As Im sure you all have heard before film is a bit of male dominated career. So here's what I hope to be a segment of my blog dedicated to my experiences regarding being one of few vaginas. Looking forward to many many stories here.

Lets start with weeks ago....

A certain man fellow walked up to me one morning and said:

"You know what you need?"

Which of course is a question that leads to MANY fabulous answers. And I said

"No, No I dont."
"A man."
"Really? How do you know I need a man?"
"I can just tell."
"Well I already have a man, its our anniversary today and we've been together for 7 years" "Well...he's not doing his job."

What a lovely conversation that was.

Then we have yesterday...a more lovely and positive story of how me, Jessica (electric) and Diana(camera) chased out all the electrics from their room with our womanly conversations about marriage. It felt great to not have to be putting up a manly front. And it made the manly front super apparent for me when I didnt have to do it.

And here's a recent venture from today when my boss greeted me with "Hey bitch" when I walked in the office. I was like....uhhhh....hey? He was joking...and was still jarring...and uncomfortable.

Im sure there will be lots more of these experiences to come. ENJOY.

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