Monday, May 17, 2010

Los Angeles and DGA Interviews

So Im here! Finally after so many years of thinking about it and imagining it.

At first I was skeptical and not feelin so good about the city. Now three days in and I'm feelin it a lot more. I think I could live here and be hap
py...maybe not overjoyed...but content for certain.

Good news (which I'm sure most anyone reading this blog already knows due to facebook)--I made it on to the 2nd round of interviews! I'm psyched, happy, a little nervous for sure but I think I'll be ok. One way or the other the outcome will not be bad and for once in my life, when it comes to something I want so badly, if the result is negative I'll still be ok. Still hoping for the best though.

I've prepped a lot for the individual, and will be prepping some more tomm. I go in for the interview at 5pm and will not know anything regarding whether I get in or not for about 2-3 weeks. Long wait...good thing it will be mostly filled with Wanda stuff.

Seeing everyone here has been great! Everyone has been so helpful and supportive, it's definately made going to these interviews SO much easier (this is including all you online people--you have no idea what it means to know that you have ppl who believe in you in this circumstance). Cheers to you all.

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