Wednesday, October 20, 2010

4 Day Weekend

So where the last weekend involved a lot of me sitting on my ass, this past one involved barely
sitting on it at all.

I had a blast with K. We went to most of the places on the list I had made for us and then some. There are still lots of LA things that we can do the next time. I continue to be really on the fence about this whole 3 years of long distance thing but as it stands I dont think my heart is ready to let go of us just yet...

So here's the list of what we did and where we went:

-The weekend started off with K. arriving at the Sony lot and getting to meet Jorge Garcia(aka Hurley from Lost), checking out the stages and my job and all that good stuff.

-Thur. morning we ran down the street a ways to Good and enjoyed some delicious brun
ch which was, delicious as always though I have to say I think I found myself a Good replacement that's closer to home.

-Then it was driving through downtown and back home only to...

-Take the subway to Hollywood and Highland where we did the walk of stars and Kodak Theatre and Graumann's Chinese..
- We walked back to the house making pitstops and Sunset and Vine and Amoeba music
- Shortly followed by driving over to Scoops and enjoying some beer inspired ice cream

- All in the same day we then ate over at Red Corner Asia and I had a delicious coconut beverage that Im absolutely in love with now (which btw K. said tasted like mold).
-And the day ended with a trip by subway again to the Arclight Cinerama Dome screening of The Social Network. K. loved the theatre and the movie.

-Fri morning: Cafe 101 around the corner from my house for delicious breakfast. This is when the fog flew into town so the rest of the weekend was enveloped in it.

-Then it was off to the Getty for the rest of the day, where we looked at so much cool shit. The coolest for me was probably the Bouguereau painting "A Young Girl Defending Herself Against Eros" since after all I LOVE his paintings and this was the first time I got to see one. My second favorite and Kellen's first was the Engaged Observers photography exhibit which we probably spent the longest time on.
-The rest of the evening was spent at home watching Thelma and Louise.

-Sat morning: Noah's Bagels early on then off to geocache at Griffith Park as well as a visit to the observatory.

- Then a ride down to Beverly Hills to pick up some Sprinkles cupcakes and go to Noodle Planet for Udon over near UCLA. Then back home to eat cupcakes, Mochi ice cream and watch Leaving Las Vegas.

- Sun morning: My Good replacement: Fred 62! I loved it! They played Queens of the Stone Age and Modest Mouse and served me a great freakin waffle and a great freakin breakfast sandwich with goat cheese on it to K. The coffee was great, the orange juice was real and the price was totally fair. V. excited about this find.

-And then K. was off to the airport. We said our goodbyes and I drove off only to get a call as soon as I got home from him about how the airline was offering 300$ to 5 people who were willing to wait 3 hours til the next flight since they overbooked. So booo I could have hung out with him longer but yay cause he basically flew to LA for free!

-So that was it...and it was great. I needed some good fun. Not saying Im not any less confused about my situation but it was a nice break from feeling sad and lonely.

Now its Wed and its been raining all week. We started shooting on location and ran really late so now everyday we go into the night and our call times are all pushed but I still have to get up freakin early to avoid traffic and sleep in my car. So basically Im exhausted, wet, and most of the time cold. Also base camp is hellishly far from set so most of my day is spent with hearing static on the walkie and nothing sucks more than that. I have no idea what's going on most of the time.

This weekend...another even on Sat not much of sleeping in will happen. I plan on buying myself a PC this weekend for playing the Sims and maybe? finding myself a Halloween costume. Im so tired Im thinking about just wearing this wig I got instead of putting forth the effort of actually finding an entire costume.

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