Monday, January 24, 2011


The days are moving slowly but they are moving.

Still no work. So I fill my time with calling Central Casting and trying to get on jobs, with reading, knitting, eating and sleeping, cleaning, watching Big Love, and lots of hanging out with Mollie, Mitchell and Jess W.

Recently me and M and M went out to Barnsdall Park which is right down the street. We went in time for the sunset. Its a small little park with the Hollyhock House in it (Frank Lloyd Wright) we took photos and explored. I love my neighborhood!

So I've been missing my gardening very much and I was talking about it to M and M. So we all thought, why not chip in together to get a community garden plot? So we did our research and went checking those out too. Hopefully we can make it happen. It would be wonderful. Especially right now when I really have nothing to do.

Not everything is good though. More issues with the guy downstairs. Jess is seeing a guy who's in Australia so she talks to him at late hours. I let her know about the sound issues from before and here they are resurfaced. The guy downstairs can hear her talking...they had an argument last night. I didnt get any sleep. Im stressed because I really dont want to have to move out. Hopefully this can somehow be remedied but honestly there's not much I can do about it...I cant fix the problem, just like when I couldnt fix it with Tom.

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