Monday, January 31, 2011

Love Came Home Late Last Night and Fell Asleep in Front of the Television

by S.A. Griffin

love wanders down
sometimes crowded
sometimes empty

and dying
love staggers blind in a drunken rage
wages wars and
hunts for answers
afraid of being
left alone
it is penance for those that
live with themselves

it is a bad cookbook
and a nasty bout of the flu
that keeps coming back stronger each time
it enters the room and announces itself
calls itself
friend and lover
forgets to call or write after it is
but never really forgotten

love is running for president
and starring in the new fall line up on
every bad comedy invention
it is a musical comedy nightmare on
4 weeks
2 legs
and one eye in the back of its head
winking in the rain
dancing to the frantic
rhythms of
I want you now
don't you know how I really feel
and why don't you love me?

love is homeless and
out of work
with too many children in need of a
place to stay

and no matter what the
love is still

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