Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Its over! Wisdom teeth are all gone now.

I dont remember a thing from the procedure which is wonderful and also, even though I only paid for them to remove two teeth, they did all three because the dentist assumed that I must be having them all removed! So hurray for, sorta stealing? Hey...after the fact I wasnt gonna say nuthin about it.

The experience was definitely terrifying. Once I got to my chair and the overwhelming noises of drilling (the UCLA dental school just has a big room where everyone has a cubicle for their patient so no separate rooms) and then seeing all the crazy shit they were going to be using on my mouth on a tray sorta overwhelmed me.

I sat down in the chair and they tried to put in the IV at my elbow crease and for some reason failed. Apparently, I have a shady vein there that appeared to be a good one but in fact was not. So then instead they painfully put the damn thing at my wrist. At this point another woman was putting all the heart monitors on me and that tubey thing that goes in your nose. This is where the panic set in and I started crying. Not like crazy sobbing but I was definitely freaking out a little bit.

The dentist told me I needed to calm down before he could give me the meds so I told myself I needed to relax. He asked me if I was allergic to anything at that point too because apparently I was getting all red and splotchy with hives. I told him that Ive never been allergic to anything before and that I was just freaking out because I hate dentists since they worked on many of my teeth without anesthetic in communist Poland.

I relaxed, they gave me the meds and I have no freakin clue what went on after that. It felt incredibly fast. I remember at some point he did show me one of my teeth that was apparently strange and hook-like and was therefore difficult to get out. Im assuming this was the one on the right, the one they had to cut in to get because thats the side of my face that is swollen to all hell and theres this sore spot on the outside like someone was gripping my face really hard.

And that was it! I "woke" (I dont ever remember going to sleep) with wads of gauze in my mouth and the dentist giving me a perscription. It was really difficult to swallow. I walked out of there slightly woozy but not enough to even have a drunk walk. Then it was off to the pharmacy.

By the time me and Juliana made it across town through traffic the anesthetic had worn off and I was starting to writhe a bit from the pain while we waited for my vicodin. I got an ice pack, the meds and headed home.

I scarfed down yogurt, took my vicodin, and waited. It was awful. I started crying cause everything hurt and I just felt miserable. After an hour of not feeling any different I took another half of a vicodin and after about 10 more min Ashley M. said that it was ok to take 2 of them so I took the other half. About 10 minutes after that I finally started feeling relief.

Since then its been ok. The pain was minimal this morning. Though the bleeding on one side is pretty bad. I only have chipmunk face on that side :)

So happy that its over.

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