Saturday, January 1, 2011

For Relaxing Times...

I love waking up whenever the fuck I want. Its like a magical fairy has visited me. I wake up, under piles of blankets of course, with Alfred (my space heater) lovingly warming me and I lay there savoring the fact that not only do I A)not have to be anywhere but also B) I can do whatever the hell I want.

The majority of today was spent futilely running around town after books and things. After drafting my 50 list I really had the urge to find used bookstores around town. Sadly, I forgot that its freakin New Year and so many places were closed. I don't really NEED to go running around town looking for places considering the fact that an amazing freakin used bookstore is walking distance from me on Franklin (Im referring to Counterpoint) but since they were closed I went in search of others in Glendale. Brand Books was also closed but looked AMAZING and I fully intend to return and then across the street was a place called Mystery and Imagination Bookshop, which with such an amazing name, was not AS cool as I would have liked. I had a hard time finding the things I wanted... their "sectioning" was kind of confusing.

Needless to say I went there, then visited the Glendale Goodwill where I found quite a decent copy of Middlesex for 2 bucks and then went to the Glendale Galleria to swap out these tights for earrings at their Claires. While there I also retardedly bought 16$ worth of Godiva. OK sue me I'm weak for chocolate....I regretted it later...

Oh! A couple days ago I went to the Out of the Closet near me and found some amazing stuff! I've been wanting wine glasses and you could not believe my luck! I found these:
I'm fairly certain that they're at least from the 50's...They were all grimey and gross, but I saw through it :) And after a good washing they came out beyond beautiful! They have this incredible gold leaf edging that's roses. SO happy. Total cost? 9$.

Also found this incredible old reference book published in 1950 titled "Year: Mid Century Edition." It covers the mid-century in photographs and short blurbs and is so amazing! Fantastic coffee table book if anything. Granted, I'm reading the thing and I think I'll get a lot out of it. It's a different way of learning history; shows a lot of what people thought of the events then rather than now with all the years of distance. Also lots of random little tidbits that don't really make it into our history books. You know, stuff that was considered important then that didnt really carry over til now.

What else?
Mollie's on her way to LA! Cant wait til she gets here (Thursday).
Jessica (my new roommate) gets here on Wednesday! Also can't wait for that.
Getting my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday...eish...terrified.
Loving my iphone! It really is life changing.
Waiting for a call from Janet...come on DGA place me place me!

Thats the news peeps. Thats the news.

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