Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hells yeah! I drafted my swing schedule! I wasn't joking about all this dance business peeps! I went scouring the internets and found 2 dance studios that work with my stupid stupid DGA schedule or lack there of and 1 probable. Even if the 1 probable doesn't work out Im not too disappointed since the others are a total go!

Pasadena Ballroom Dance

They happen to be the place where all the swinging cats in LA hang out. Over the course of my research I found that much goes on in the way of swing dancing in Pasadena so... it's wonderful that their schedule meshes with mine because not only will I be getting to know the people on the scene I'm sure this will also help find out where else to go to get more out of swingin' in LA.

Sunday 4:15-515 Jitterbug and East Coast Swing!

The best freakin kind of swing there is! Fast and loose! So I have to drive 30 minutes to get there....thats the sacrifice of the schedule...This is the one class that I know 100% I can make EVERYTIME no matter what. So Im paying for the 6 week course this Sunday (hopefully the wisdom teeth will have cleared up by then).

Now here are the Saturday times that get a little wonky because of DGA Trainee Seminars

Saturday 10-11A Pasadena offers a Lindy Hop Course!

Waking up that early on Saturdays when Im not working--piece of cake- I'll be going this weekend (again pending the okay-ness of the teeth). But getting up that early after working a 70 to 80 hr work week? Not so much...

Oh, and if I dont want to drive out the 30 minutes so early I can do the Lindy course on Monday nights (this is of course the Im not working option). And again if Im not working I can go on Wednesday to mess around with some West Coast swing as well! Pasadena Ballroom you're a gold mine!

West Adams Studios- Right down the street from me!!!

Swing Level 1 Drop in classes for 10$ each on Saturdays 12-1

I'll be able to make these every other Saturday because of trainee seminars but you bet your freakin ass Im going! Its so close to me and totally affordable.

And there's the Culver City place that offers Swing on Saturdays from 3-4 but the classes are consecutive and may be difficult to work around since I wont be able to attend every week because of the seminars. The consecutive is what kills it...

But Im so excited! I will be swing dancing once again...oo I cant wait!

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