Monday, January 17, 2011


The teeth have for the most part returned to normal, at least the ones that had already come out of my gums. The one impacted tooth, the side that was all chipmunky, continues to hurt because the cut they had to do in order to get the tooth out has left the root to the tooth next to it exposed. So there's some pain there, particularlywhenever I work out actually... But Im hoping thatwith a week or two of healing everything will return to normal.

No calls from the DGA so Im still sittin at home doing a combination of the following things: knitting, watching Big Love (on season 2 currently), eating (there's a bit too much of that going on), playing the Sims, reading, working out and occasionally talking to Josh. On certain days I have fun outings with Jessica, like today when we went to swing dancing, came home made dinner and watched X files and other days, like yesterday, when me Mollie and Mitchell headed down first to Beverly Hills and then onward to Venice Beach. Venice beach was intense. It was Saturday so it was just a swarm of people riding bikes and walking dogs. Crazy but lots of fun.

Swing dancing is a blast. I absolutely love Sunday and Mondays now and I have to say Im completely enamored with Lindy Hop. Absolutely love it! I love when you get a partner that really knows what they're doing and actually leads. Theres nothing like feeling that "just right" amount of pressure that tells you exactly what you should be doing. Im all smiles when I go. I really do think that my heaven is some combination of a dance floor, my bed and lots of food.
And while Im sure all of this sounds fun to everyone I am currently making ZERO money. Which is bad, very, very bad. I'm ready to move on and get to that next show. So from now on most of my posts are probably going to be some form of me begging and pleading for the DGA to call me with my next assignment.

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