Monday, January 10, 2011


So having these wisdom teeth removed has wreaked havoc on my immune system and 3 days later I came down with some sort of illness. I find it funny that when I worked all 64 days on Sunshine I didnt get sick, not even when people around me were walking around with a walking pneumonia but, the second I stop working I instantly get slammed with illness. I guess its to make up for all that time of being well... This is the 3rd cold/flu since the show ended.

So I woke up at around 430A in a cold sweat. My pajamas were just drenched and so were my sheets for the most part. I was so hot I apparently ended up sweating like crazy and then woke up freezing because of that. Moreover the illness and the wisdom teeth have been a ridiculous double whammy where the pressure from my sinus is creating some mad crazy pain on the chipmunky side of my face.

Ive had to not only wake up, strip my bed and put on new sheets and all new pajamas but then when I tried to get warm I found it impossible so I just went and took a 15 min hot shower. Now Im back in bed, finally warm, but the pressure on my face is driving me insane, that and I cant breathe very well. I HATE being sick.

All this says to me is that this is just ANOTHER reason for me to go back to work.

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