Sunday, March 28, 2010

Starting From Seed

Alright so I haven't had much luck before with starting from seed. But maybe this time things can go a little better. I have more time on my hands (at least at the moment) and I'd like to think that this will allow me to focus more on getting the plants to grow past that initial stage of sprouting.

I plan on giving updates on each plant that I start from seed so it may get dull from time to time. But if you have time, and like plants, I recommend trying to grow with me! We can swap notes and war stories. You have a little over a week to prepare as I will not actually be sowing my seeds until April 6th. This will in a sense be a
walkthrough in what I'm doing to make these plants grow, if you know about plants and notice that I'm making some huge mistake please help and point it out.

Sooooo here's whats on the menu so far:

  • Columbine "Lime Sorbet"
  • Lupine (Texas Bluebonnets)
  • Salvia "Lady in Red"
  • Sunflowers
  • Nasturtiums
  • Dill
It's a short list that may very well expand given how well these initial few do.

I've paid close attention to my are (Zone 8a : Dallas, TX ) and chosen flowers that should do well here. Additionally I've spent the last couple days eyeballing my balcony to know the conditions out there and I've decided that its Full Sun area. With the fence and all there is some shade to contend with but all in all there are spots that will get full sun for sure.

So now for an overview of what/how I plan to go about with each plant.

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