Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some changes in the lineup

So I've decided upon further consideration to add a couple more seeds to the lineup.

I've been continuing to watch the balcony and I'm worried that the full sun stuff won't do as well so I thought I would bring in a couple of
things that will be able to hang out in the shady areas near the fence. And
here they are:

  • Shasta Daisy
  • Canterbury Bells
  • And attempting Foxgloves even though I feel these will be a bust

I'm continuing to do my research on the individual plants so be expecting posts that give information on what/how I'm planting each by later tonight probably.

I purchased some more pots today! Found that Family Dollar has very cheap planters (4$-2$ range) that include drainage and everything, so a much better deal than Target where I paid 6$ for the same thing. Definitely returning the Target ones. Also had some luck at Goodwill finding some pots. Bought seed starting potting soil at Lowes and was also give 3 pot trays there for free from one of the employees! Very exciting. Oh and I bough plant labels (since I'm going to be doing so many kinds I thought this would be good to have).

On a completely different route, I have an interview today at some sort of gaming store for a part time regular job that can help me bring in some money. Thats in an hour--I'll let you know how it goes. Also, got a call for one day of pick ups for next week from the movie that I just finished. I was suuuuper happy because it was the director that called me and he was like, so I was just on a job yesterday and I was miserable that you weren't there. He told his producer that that will not happen from now on. Good news for me!!! It's great too cause he's one of the guys out here that gets a lot of commercial work (and any work is good work, but commercial work pays better!).

Additional good news: I found a dress for Cammy's wedding (me and Kellen are flying back to Sarasota in the next couple days). It's vintage and needs to have the zipper fixed and the lining pinned back on but its super awesome and I will look just like Don Draper's wife at this wedding :)

And one more piece of good news, as far as I know the DGA has not yet sent out their letters so, even though the website says should receive info by mid March, this is not the case because I called them and they told me they haven't sent anything out yet. Could be good though because Ryan's sister, who also applied, apparently already got a rejection letter. Maybe this means good news for me?

OK. well time to go get ready for this interview. More posts on seeds, etc. to come.


  1. Our seeds are also being super weird. Plus, even though our squash ZOOMED up out of the pots, the cats have decided baby squash stalks are good eats :-\

    How was the gaming store interview?!

    AND YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY That the director loves you. Of COURSE he does! You're good at what you do!!!

    And you BETTER post pics of that dress. I'm going fabric shopping this Friday for TWO dresses, one for Marci and Brent's wedding (already designed it) and one for Liz and Derrell's (still trying to figure that design out...)

    I applied for a job as a Police Dispatcher. It's a long shot, but it's $2,300 a month plus benefits and i could request nights and weekends so it won't interfere with my Pathways work. *Fingers Crossed*

    Miss you!!

  2. OOooo I should be a police dispatcher! I actually had a friend of mine and Kellens that did that job. How did you find out that they were hiring? Who do you contact?

    The interview went well as far as I could tell...I didnt exactly know what Steampunk was (which is what they seem to be about) but other than that hopefully I can get it. I need that job BAD and its so close to where we live!

  3. Oh man, Varney would PEE his pants at the mention of Steampunk. It's what the crazy contraption for his thesis (Spaghett1) was based on. Google Steampunk and be AMAZED. I was.

    The police dispatch job was through the state. Check the City of Dallas website as well as the Texas state site. Yeah, I'm trying not to get my hopes up on that job, but I WANT IT! lol